DNA Flags


DNA Flags is a Dynamic Numerical Analysis of your birth data – name, date and place. Text and numbers are all related to certain colours, so we’ll analyze the information you give us and come up with a 3 banded DNA Flag that represents YOU! Be Yourself, Be Unique – Show everyone your true colours.

Above are the DNA Flags of the Canadian Rock Band Rush – Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart and my own personal flag.

View the DNA Flags of some famous people.

What Does The Flag Mean?

The first colour band represents your birth name. The second colour band represents your birth date. The third colour band represents your birth place. What this means of course is that unless someone has the same birth name, date and place as you, your flag will be unique amongst your family and friends, letting you stand apart from everyone you know – even if you are a twin. You can show your uniqueness to the world without saying a word.

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What Can I Do With The Flag Info?

Once you have received your flag, you can do further research as to the meanings of these colours as they relate to you – your personality, future prospects, romantic possibilities etc. Then you can put your personal flag on a T-shirt, coffee mug, business card or anything else you can think of. Similarly, place it in a frame and put it on your desk or on a wall. Let everyone see how unique and colouful you are. Give one to family members and friends, even your pet if you like – a lighthearted, unique gift for anyone. This is all done in fun of course but as long as you give us accurate spellings and dates, the flag really is a reflection of the person … at least from a numerical perspective. You can order your own unique DNA Flag here.

The Importance Of Colours!

Colour can influence us more than we think, including our personality, moods and relationships with others. Colours also have the ability to affect our future and our surroundings. Every colour has a corresponding effect on our mood and how we react. For instance, blue is a cool colour, it has soothing qualities, it represents communication. Red makes you feel strong, sexy and alive. Yellow is bright and makes you alert and clears your head. Color is used in various forms to heal different diseases, illnesses and is used effectively to help release tension and stress. Color has been used in healing from ancient times. The next time you visit a hospital, notice what colour the walls are painted; they were probably selected on purpose for their healing qualities, both mentally and physically. Everyone has a birth name, birth date and birth place, therefore everyone can have a DNA Flag! Get yours today, have a look at a Certificate Sample