Casa do Patriarca in Atalaia Portugal
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Host: Manuel d'Oliveira

Guestrooms: 6

Address: Rua Patriarca D. Josť, 134 - Atalaia 2260 Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal

Telephone: ++351 249 710 581

Fax: ++351 249 711 191

Activities/Attractions: For those who prefer walking, numerous footpaths will lead them from the house to a Roman fountain, a chapel or even reach the Tagus river which runs nearby. This is a very lovely area, where the Templar Order settled down centuries ago and which still offers the visitor today many things and places of interest to see.

The  'Mother Church' (Igreja Matriz) is a national monument, built in the 16th century. One can visit the Chapel of Our Christ of Help (Capela do Nosso Senhor da Ajuda), and a vast old and traditional pottery fabric, where very interesting crafts and goods are to be found. A little further on, in Tancos, one can take a fluvial trip on the Tagus River.

As for food and drink, this is the right place to taste good, homemade, tasteful traditions. The wines are fine and rich and you'll be surprised how affordable fine and tasty local cuisine can be.

  • Castello de Almourol - Built upon a granitic rock right in the middle of the Tagus River's flow
  • Tomar - On the heights of Tomar, one shouldn't miss the 'Convento do Christo', a series of buildings, whose construction was started back in the 12th century by the Templar Order
  • Coimbra - Among the oldest universities in Europe
  • Fatima - This famous pilgrim town receives thousands of visitors from all over the world
  • Serra d'Aire - a hilly national park with dinosaur footprints and caves
  • Paul do Boquilobo - another national park, offers the visitor an area where flora and fauna are protected

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Casa do Patriarca Atalaia Entroncamento Portugal

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Atalaia Entroncamento Portugal

General Information: Casa do Patriarca is located in Atalaia, a village near Entroncamento ... one hour from Lisbon, Portugal. Casa do Patriarca is a mayor house that has been in the family for five generations. Its building dates back to the 17th century and the Archbishop of Lisbon made it his home in the 18th century.

Since then, the house has gone through considerable improvements over time, without losing any of its original charm. Now though, it offers visitors all the elements of modern comfort, including central heating and individual en-suite bathrooms in every room.

  • All rooms have an en-suite bathroom and a TV set with satellite reception
  • Abundant tourist information, books and games available
  • There is also the possibility to connect to the internet, if one is bearer of the equipment
  • Next to the living-room, a kitchenette allows you to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or even cook light meals
  • The garden, where various kinds of flowers and trees - including tropical varieties flourish, is divided in several small areas, each offering a delight of its own
  • Swim in the outdoor swimming-pool and get dried up by the sun on one of the sunbeds, or just sit on one of the little stone seats, conveniently scattered in shady corners of the garden
  • Cars can safely be parked in a dedicated area within the property's walls

Payment Accepted: Cash only.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).


Breakfast is served in a large living-room, part of which serves as a dining-room featuring antique furniture and a fire place.