Le Cèdre de Monnaie B&B in Loire Valley France
Le Cedre de Monnaie B&B Saumur Loire Valley France Bed and Breakfast Lodgings Accommodations

Host: Margot Delval

Guestrooms: 5

Address: La Verrie, 49390 Mouliherne, France

Telephone/Fax: +33 2 41 67 09 27

Activities/Attractions: Renowned for its sumptuous châteaux, the relics of royal days gone by, the glorious valley of the Loire is rich in both history and architecture. Like the river Loire, this vast region runs through the heart of French life. Its sophisticated cities, luxuriant landscape and magnificent food and wine add up to a bourgeois paradise.

Saumur is one of the bigger cities in the Loire Valley ... located between Tours and Angers. The inner city contains many stately mansions in a very green environment. The most impressive sight of the town is the Chateau, which dominates the city. The museum in the castle focuses mostly on equestrian sports. In July, Saumur is also the location of a famous horse parade. The region around Saumur is famous for the production of excellent white wines and mushrooms.

We propose to you to initiate yourselves with the practice of water colour or to improve your techniques if you are already familiar. Fishing and swimming are offered to you directly starting from Le Cèdre de Monnaie. Surrounding activities include:

  • Pedestrian excursions
  • Swimming and fishing (at 3 km)
  • Tennis (at 5 km)
  • Swimming pool (at 10 km)
  • Golfing (at 15 km)
  • Horse Riding (at 5 km)

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Le Cèdre de Monnaie B&B

Le Cèdre de Monnaie B&B Old House

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General Information: In the Loire Valley of France, in the depth of Anjou (close to Saumur), you'll find a warm welcome at the Le Cèdre de Monnaie Bed and Breakfast ... a lovely old seventeenth century house with 5 bedrooms, available for up to 13 people.

The house consists of two parts: the older first on the right was the house of the Masters, the other was the housing of the farmers. The rooms of hosts were inaugurated in June 2001. All the buildings were restored and today we can accommodate to 13 people.

  • White Cultivars - This house is called "White Cultivars" because its 3 bedrooms are named Chardonnay, Chenin and Sauvignon, which are cultivars used for making White Wine
  • Red Cultivars - This house is called "Red Cultivars" because its 2 bedrooms are named Cabernet and Merlot, which are cultivars used for making Red Wine

You'll appreciate the absolute quietness in the heart of the forest and it's possible, if it's booked, to have a dinner "tables d'hôtes".

Payment Accepted: Cash only.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros Dollars).


Breakfast included.

  • Rooms and tables of hosts of the countries of the Loire classified 3 ears by the lodgings of Fran