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Host: Bridie Kemlo

Guestrooms: 3

Address: Boulevard Leopold II, 275
B-1081 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone: (32) 2 428.67.57,
Mobile: (32) 485 97.48.51

Activities/Attractions: Brussels is the bilingual capital of Belgium. This means that both French and Dutch are the official languages of the city. Street names and traffic sings are always in these two languages. Furthermore, it is a cosmopolitan city where many different cultures live together and where different languages can be heard on each street. This liveliness and international flair is, of course, intimately related to its role as a crossroads for all of Europe.

We are enviably well located - 30 seconds to the nearest underground station (Simonis), about 20 minutes walk to the city centre, and in close proximity to the Basilica. We are also near the motorway and there are no problems with parking.

The Basilica area has been subject to redevelopment which started in 1989, with the aim of rejuvenating this part of Brussels and the Elisabeth park which forms its main attraction.

The completion of the Léopold II tunnel and the appearance of prestigious buildings on the route linking the Botanical Gardens (Saint-Josse) to the Basilica is the beginning of a swathe of reconstruction from the Northern entrance into Brussels. In the shadow of the Basilica, this little Brussels commune leads a quiet life.

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Bridie's B&B

Bridie's B&B Bedroom

Bridie's B&B Suite

Bridie's B&B Living Room

Bridie's B&B Fireplace

General Information: Bridie's B&B is a beautiful art deco house situated on the historic Boulevard Leopold II within walking distance from downtown Brussels, Belgium.

Your hostess, Bridie Kemlo, is Irish European. We get by on a selection of languages and if we don't know yours, we invent. You are assured of a warm welcome or Céad Mile Failte.

  • two double rooms, one studio
  • facilities for tea and coffee in each room
  • use of computer free to check e-mails
  • private bath
  • small fridges in rooms
  • facilities for families with children
  • cable TV
  • open year round

With all these advantages, our prices are extremely reasonable.

Payment Accepted: Cash only.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).


Your choice of breakfast (continental, Irish/English included).

Discounts for longer stays.