Casa da Ponte de Sao Pedro in Vieira do Minho Portugal
Casa da Ponte de Sao Pedro Vieira do Minho Portugal Bed and Breakfast B&B Lodgings Accommodations

Hosts: Maria das Dores & Noel Miranda

Bedrooms: 5

Address: Lugar de Sao Pedro - Cantel„es - 4850-088 Vieira do Minho, Portugal

Telephone: 351 966 732 037,
351 253 646 708,
252 637 334

Fax: 351 252 681077

Activities/Attractions: Vieira do Minho is a small town in the North of Portugal, occupying an area of approximately 21 Km2 in the district of Braga.

Offering the visitors an unforgettable scenery, Serra da Cabreira – Cabreira Mountain – is undoubtedly one of most interesting tourist areas, being considered by the local population as the ex-libris of the municipality of Vieira do Minho.

In the magnificent landscape that surrounds the municipality, the visitor can enjoy the sights of Turio Valley, Ch„ de Prado and the Spring of the Ave River.

Talefe is the highest point on the Cabreira Mountain, from which one can admire the views of the municipalities bordering Vieira do Minho.

The dams near Vieira do Minho are a popular tourist destination not only for their natural beauty but also for their crystal clear waters; the Ermal Dam is famous for its Teleskiing facilities (unique in the country) and the annual Rock Festival. The visitor has a wide choice of water sports at the CaniÁada Dam as well.

Vieira do Minho offers a reasonably good accessibility considering the fact that it is situated in the Cabreira Mountain.

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Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro

Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro Gardens

Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro Bedroom

Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro Living Room

Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro Fireplace

General Information: Casa da Ponte de Sao Pedro is a typical granite stone country house from the province of Minho in Vieira do Minho, Portugal. Its first registration dates back to August, 22nd 1882.

The House Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro offers an intimate contact with nature, fully integrated in the Cabreira Mountain, where open air activities such as mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking or off-road circuits are available across forest tracks, roads and paths. The House Casa da Ponte de S. Pedro offers:

  • 2 double rooms
  • 2 twin-bed rooms
  • 1 three-bed room
  • 3 fully equipped sitting rooms with TV, stereo and fireplaces
  • kitchen
  • central heating
  • a small library
  • table games
  • mountain bikes
  • children’s Park
  • barbecue
  • small leisure room outside
  • kayaks

Dinner/supper can be arranged in advance ... come and visit us anytime in the year.

Payment Accepted: Cash, cheque and bank transfer.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros)


Breakfast is included in the rates.