Kapu Rancho Almendros in Osa Peninsula Costa Rica
Kapu Rancho Almendros Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Beach Retreat Eco Lodge Lodgings Accommodations

Manager: Franklyn Phillips

Bedrooms: 4 (in 2 houses)

Address: Cabo Matapalo, Puerto Jiminez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Telephone/Fax: 310-839-4864

Activities/Attractions: The Osa, much of which is occupied by the 160-square-mile Corcovado National Park, is a more biologically rich area than even Times Square on New Year's Eve. Known for jaguars and other big cats, the peninsula is home to hundreds of species of birds as well, including one of the largest populations of scarlet macaws in Central America.

  • Beautiful nature trails, abundant with unusual flora and fauna, lead from the Rancho in all directions
  • There are short hikes to a 20 meter waterfall, to the top of the Cape and through the dry coastal forest that runs adjacent to the numerous world class surfing beaches of Matapalo
  • In addition, Rancho Almendros also has excellent kayaking with guides, horseback riding, bird-watching, onshore and offshore fishing, snorkeling, world-class surfing directly in front of the property or at 3 other locations within walking distance, and safe swimming at "Backwash Bay";  everything available locally
  • English speaking naturalists and guides are always available for tours of the Cape through "Everyday Adventures"
  • They have, for the more adventurous, a tree climbing and waterfall rapelling tour that's not to be missed

However, one does not have to venture out to see the incredible abundance of wild life. The reforestation of almond trees right on the property attracts hundreds of Scarlet Macaw and other bird varieties, and in addition, 2 varieties of monkey can be observed at feeders in view of our main dining veranda.

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Kapu Rancho Almendros

Kapu Rancho Almendros Cabin

Kapu Rancho Almendros Dining

Kapu Rancho Almendros Beach

Kapu Rancho Almendros Bedroom

General Information: Welcome to Kapu Rancho Almendros ... this beautiful private Cabo Matapalo Retreat is located at the southern tip of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. Enjoy the harmony and privacy of this pristine natural setting with virgin coastal rainforest and ocean beaches right at your doorstep.

There are only four bedrooms available in two houses, with two guests per room for a maximum of 8 guests. This assures our guests the maximum in peace and privacy that larger establishments cannot offer. Each house comes complete with:

  • kitchens and refrigeration
  • private baths connected to garden showers
  • solar electric lighting with bedroom fans
  • hammocks, an outdoor barbecue
  • a cooling pool of artesian creek water

All of our rooms are built in the tropical style; plenty of fresh ventilation with large generous windows that are fully screened in and rooms of beautiful hardwood construction. The "Honeymoon Cabina" offers:

  • 360 degree veranda
  • full view from forest to ocean
  • moon deck, comfortable chairs and hammocks
  • cooling pool

The newly remodeled  "Main Rancho", a little closer to the beach has:

  • two private double rooms with a lookout
  • private Honeymoon Suite for 2 at a slight additional charge
  • private verandah and entrance

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars)

$70-90/person/double (3 night min.)

All 3 meals/day (chef prepared) are included!
Discounts: for groups of 6-8.