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Address: St. Maarten/St. Martin, West Indies

Mailing Address: 31 First Street - Califon, N.J. 07830 USA

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Activities/Attractions: The smallest island in the world ever to have been partitioned between two different nations, St. Martin/St. Maarten has been shared by the French and the Dutch in a spirit of neighborly cooperation and mutual friendship for almost 350 years. The border is almost imperceptible. and people cross back and forth without ever realizing they are entering a new country. The only marker is a monument between Union Road and Bellevue, testifying to centuries of peaceful cohabitation and the treaty that made the arrangement possible.

The northern French side - St. Martin - has more beaches and is better suited for the more laid back visitor. The French side is naturally more represented by French/Creole restaurants and also offers great shopping opportunities.

The southern Dutch side - St. Maarten - is more commercially developed. It has the major airport, seaport, extensive shopping and casinos.

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Serena - Terress Basses, St. Martin
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General Information: We invite you on a journey to our beautiful All St. Martin Vacation Rental properties on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin in the Caribbean. They are magnificent and like none you have ever imagined. Be prepared for a tropical paradise in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. If your vacation plans include a balmy tropical climate, beautiful beaches, a relaxing lifestyle, or an island paradise, then St. Maarten is for you.

Staying at our breathtaking, beautiful luxury villas and cottages only makes your stay here better! Depending on your mood and lifestyle, we have a vacation rental that is right for you. Villa Serena as pictured in the middle pane includes:

  • 3 bedrooms with ocean sunset view
  • sunny terrace with swimming pool and outside living and dining area
  • large mosaic tiled bathrooms
  • comfortable living area opens onto the terrace
  • large gourmet kitchen that looks over the pool
  • stylish furnishings
  • beautiful travertine flooring throughout
  • very private

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars)

From $3,200/week