Cabanas Copal Hotel in Tulum Mexico
Cabanas Copal Hotel Tulum Mexico Eco Resort Lodgings Accommodations

Manager: Holly Worton

Bedrooms: 47 cabanas

Address: Tulum, Mexico

Telephone: +54 11 5918-6400,
Toll Free: 1 888 898 9922

Nearby Attractions: The Coba ruins are located about 45 minutes from Tulum along a quiet highway through the jungle and are well worth visiting by either car or bus. The ruins are located near the pueblo of Cobá, which has developed around a beautiful quiet lagoon.

There are several small restaurants with open terraces with a view of the lagoon where you can have breakfast before visiting the ruins.

It is also possible to make daytrips to Chichen Itza from Tulum, by either bus or car. Or take our Mayan Yoga Tour to Chichen Itza with Mayan elder Humbatz Men. The trip takes about two hours in a car, more by bus.

Don't forget to visit Chichén viejo, which is one kilometer south of the ruin known as "the nunnery," down a dirt road. Follow the signs near the nunnery.

"Every detail exudes a sensation of harmony, making this the perfect place to purge the senses of any traces of city life. The beds are covered with white gauze and the suites with an ocean view have a tiny pier of their own that leads to a swimming pool for two...the best features are their holistic spa and primitive atmosphere, so if you want to begin your trip with an intensive relaxation program, this is the place for you."

"... the beach was amazing... the mosquito nets over the bed and the candlelight added a lot of romantic appeal and suddenly it seemed very charming and mysterious."

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Cabanas Copal Tulum Mexico

Cabanas Copal Tulum Mexico Dining

Cabanas Copal Tulum Mexico Bedroom

General Information: Get ready for a tropical retreat at Cabanas Copal Hotel, nestled within the candlelight Caribbean destination of Tulum, Mexico. Come to Cabañas Copal Hotel in Tulum to relax at our seaside Caribbean cabañas and at Maya Spa. Our central location puts our eco-hotel just 3 km. from the Mayan ruins of Tulum.

The Cabanas Copal has a small generator that provides light for the reception and the restaurant-bar. The internet cafe also runs on its own generator, with wireless internet access. We are currently designing a solar power system to provide electricity to these same areas.

Due to demand by our guests, we removed electric lighting from the cabañas during our first year, and have received many compliments since. Most guests enjoy the romantic candlelight in the cabañas. Those who like to read at night often do so in the restaurant or in our lobby.

Gas tanks are brought in to heat water for the bathrooms, and bath water is brought from town in trucks. This well water is stored in ground-level tanks and pumped several times a day to upper tanks to provide running water in all bathrooms. In an effort to conserve water, we request that guests not wash clothing in their rooms. There are several laundromats in town that can wash and dry your clothes for you with a 24 hour return.

Since the cabañas are tucked between tropical palm trees in the jungle at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, this creates for an intimate relationship with nature and all of its creatures. Iguanas sunbathe just steps from the cabañas. Hermit crabs trace patterns in the sand floors of the cabañas with common baths.

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars)


"If you're looking for something peaceful and romantic, easy and relaxing, then the Cabanas Copal should be at the top of your list. Put another way, if you can't relax here, then perhaps relaxation is not what you're looking for."