Afognak Wilderness Lodge in Kodiak Islands Alaska
Afognak Wilderness Lodge Afognak Island Kodiak Islands Alaska Wildlife Lodgings Accommodations

Founders/Operators: The Randall Family - Roy, Shannon, Josh and Luke


Accommodations: For 12-15 guests depending on the configuration of the parties.

Address: Afognak Wilderness Lodge, Seal Bay, Alaska 99697 USA

Telephone: 1 360 799-3250

Activities/Attractions: With both fresh & saltwater fishing PLUS a variety & abundance of wildlife PLUS some of the classiest accommodations, this has been a prized retreat since 1974 for photographers (professional & amateur), sport-fishermen and adventurous vacationers.

Multiple boats and guides provide yet another choice ... outstanding almost mosquito free wildlife viewing. Awaiting you is a wide array of wildlife including the popular Kodiak Brown Bear, assorted sea mammals, soaring bald eagles and comical puffins. Guests have often included international filming crews who capture the unique combination of wildlife this area offers.

Along the majestic shores of this particularly prized Kodiak Island, streams and their estuaries are tucked into cozy nooks that only a handful of people get to enjoy simultaneous. Sockeye, Pink & Silver Salmon and Rainbow, Steelhead & Dolly Varden Trout call these streams home. Offshore, there's a myriad of saltwater species waiting to saturate your fishing urge from the giant halibut right down to the delicate flounder with delectable lingcod, red-snapper, sea-bass, greenling and much more in between.

"You are privileged to a part of the world's greatest and most pristine "country club." Take care of it and all the animals & mammals within, for we are judged by the manner in which we treat our animals."

"Our third time here and we find something new and wonderful everytime. This has become our Alaskan home."

"How amazing to watch seal lion roar, brown bear cross the beach just ahead of us, see rare sea birds and end the day with a 10pm waterski run down the bay! Also nice to see a family working together so well... many talents here."

"This was the BEST lodge we've been to. All the comforts of home in a remote setting. Very friendly people, helpful and obliging ... like Laura Ashley marries Eddie Bauer! Caught fish here when all were getting skunked everywhere else. The lodge even added extra fish to our box of frozen fish for the trip home."

"Thank you for a magnificent stay at your lodge. This is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth."

"We enjoyed very much the wonderful people we met in this beautiful wilderness and we hope to bring the rest of our family next time."

"Our appreciation for an incredible experience in this wilderness microcosm. The entire experience is a true wonder and so very beautiful."

"I have never heard of an oasis in the Artic but this is it. Wonderful time we've had."

"Returning with friends this year for wildlife and sport fishing. Most beautiful place in the world."

"There truly is an enchanted forest. May it ever remain so."

"We are mournful that we must leave tomorrow, but we hope we can come back."

"Thank God for the Afognak Wilderness Lodge! We needed it! You always make me and my guests at home. I hope we can [be] back next year ... don't change a thing."

"We expected rain and snow, but we found sun and warmth. What a wonderful world of water and landscapes you offered us. Thank you for sharing this heaven-on-earth with us We hope to see you again."

"Words and pictures cannot describe this place nor the experiences it has to offer. Thank you. We'll never forget this place."

"Truly a Shangri-La. I'll return again and again."

"As I end my visit, I think of the thrills I had, the beauty I saw and my day playing with the whales. Your world is beautiful and thank you for sharing it with us all."

General Information: Welcome to Afognak Wilderness Lodge ... within the Kodiak Islands, Afognak Island is tops for anyone seeking Alaska's finest combination destination. We are open May 20 - September 15. Our lodge is a wilderness vacation retreat on the mountainous and densely forested Afognak Island, one of the Kodiak Islands group. Encompassing nearly 50,000 acres Afognak Island State Park can be accessed via air or boat. It is ideal for those who want a casual yet active and adventurous day in the freedom of wilderness and sea, whether your interests are in photography, sport fishing or just having fun.

Afognak Wilderness Lodge accommodates 12 guests and international references are readily provided. Its wholesomeness is popular with singles, couples, families and business groups alike, with many repeat and referred guests through the years. Spacious log guest cabins are elegantly rustic and cozy, nestled where the edge of the virgin forest meets with tranquil waters of a protected cove. Each cabin has:

  • two bedrooms, each with a queen and twin size bed, plus a day-bed in living room
  • an ample living room
  • a modern bathroom with hot, running water - plenty of creature comforts
  • hearty local cuisine is served family style in the main lodge, plus a dandy packed lunch is prepared for an uninterrupted day with Mother Nature
  • boats include fast, comfortable cabin cruisers that are ideal for those who want a casual yet active and adventurous day in the freedom of wilderness and sea

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars)

$900/day/person - price for teens and younger.

The rate includes first-class spacious log guest-cabin accommodations, quality meals, boat-travel with USCG licensed guides, all fishing gear/lures (spinning, fly & deep-sea), rain-gear and hip-boots (if needed), kayaking, hiking, beachcombing, wildlife photography and sauna.

"This is a piece of Heaven. Beautiful property, cabins, etc. Food was excellent. Loved seeing bald eagles and sea otter. Also caught the bug to be fisherman. We had a grand time and we'll return."

"The best wildlife and fishing experience we have ever had and the accommodations were great. We plan to return within a year or two to the dream-lodge. Absolutely awesome, beautiful country. Highly recommend it."

"This has been unquestionably the finest lodge I have ever visited and the most prolific population of any I have observed in the world. An outstanding operation by terrific people."

"We have been to Afognak Wilderness Lodge 8 times, with our 9th trip planned for this year. Afognak Island is truly beautiful and the silver salmon and halibut fishing is one of the best areas and we have fished all over Alaska! We can truly relax and have fun."

"A wonderful week with a very special family. As good or better the second time around ..."

"Family feeling ... just wonderful with small groups being a plus! Very accommodating. Lots of wildlife that we could get close to. It was truly Wonderful."

"Thank you for showing Paradise to us."

"Absolutely a super time. I will come back."

"I won't believe my memories. Thank you so much."

"Unique experience due to the fact that the location is in the extreme wilderness. Most beautiful place we have seen."