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Hosts: Rick and Bere

Accommodations: 2 Hotels.

Address: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Mailing Address: Come To Galapagos, LLC, 986 Laurel Glen, Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA

Activities/Attractions: In general Ecuador is an easy, safe travel destination. The US dollar is the currency of the country. It’s one of the cleanest South American nations and perhaps the only country in which you can be standing on an Andian mountain pass at 15,000 feet, where it never snows, looking up at a 22,000 foot snow covered smoking volcano and two hours later be standing in an Amazon rain forest. And of course an hour and a half plane flight in the other direction lands you in the Galapagos.

The Galapagos Archipelago is a group of thirteen large islands and over forty islets that straddle the equator six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador in South America. Though the islands are directly on the equator, the climate is predominately temperate due to the influence of the Humbolt current which brings cool waters up the coast of South America from the Antarctic. The islands are of course famous for their unique flora and fauna and as the site where Charles Darwin began to develop his theory of evolution and natural selection.

Land based tours by Galapagenian operators such as ourselves bring tourist dollars directly to the people who actually are the custodians of the islands, offers the people a stronger local economy in which their families can make a living, moves the economy away from the non sustainable fishing base to the sustainable base of tourism. Your tourist dollars go directly to pay local guides, hotels, cab drivers, restaurants, etc. and their taxes go to improving local infrastructure.

For the tourists, land based tours bring them in direct contact with the reality that is the Galapagos (as opposed to passing a week with other tourists in the confines of a cruise ship). Our experience is that most people visiting here prefer and are better served with a land based tour, augmented with short boat trips. We offer the option. Simply by choosing to visit the Galapagos with us, you can help bring about economic and environmental changes that benefit the people living on the islands and the future of the islands themselves.

"We all agreed we had a phenomenal time. The consensus, after discussing with ourselves and talking with several other travelers who had done mostly cruise tours during our travel days, was that if we had taken a cruise we would have seen more - but experienced much less. All five of us agreed that the experiences were so worth it."

"Your tour just blew our sox off and now, getting together with them, all we talk about is that trip. “Remember the giant tortoises that made us get off the path so THEY could pass …”, “When Suzy kept yelling about the seal pup that kept chewing on her swim fin and you wouldn’t believe it, so you went in the water to see and the pup came up to you and blew bubbles in your face …”, “What was that guy’s name, Javier? the way he serenaded the family after diner …” It just goes on and on. Thank you so much."

"Your tour was … I don’t have the words. Andrew and I find ourselves still staring out into space sometimes weeks later remembering. It wasn’t so much that we got to experience the Galapagos as it was that there was a joy among the people and animals there to experience us! I actually began to feel sorry for the groups of tourists we’d glimpse being herded around on buses or boats, isolated from the experience we were having. Thank you Rick and Bere. Your Galapagos touched our hearts."

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"We all agreed that we had a great time! We were so happy to have done a land tour because we got a much better "feel" of the islands themselves and all of our hosts were so welcoming. As I'm sure you expected, there aren't enough superlatives to describe Pepo. What a terrific guy. His family must be wonderfully proud of all of the things he's done in his young life and that he is such a warm and caring person."

General Information: Welcome to Galapagos Island Tours and Vacations ... and enjoy hands on, feet in the water (wet), family oriented (ours and maybe yours) encounters with the real Galapagos, not a Disneyland ride. You will be entering our world, our family and friends. Get off the beaten path. Come enjoy the Galapagos as only native Galapagenians can deliver them! Plan ahead! Our resources are limited. Please book early so that we may accommodate you fully.

Galapagos is a naturalists dream, for obvious reasons. Birders in particular seem to get a special kick out of it all when they’ve “bagged” that rare Galapagos (pick your bird or animal) shot. A land based tour allows people the time to stomp around in the bush or beach a little and allows the opportunity to return there at whatever hour. Also, we know where the animals/birds are and when. While the great majority of the island is national park, with severely restricted access, (visitors are only allowed to enter certain parts and many of those only if they are accompanied by a National Park guide, which you’ll happen to have) however our 40 acre farm is not, nor are the farms of our friends and family.

  • At Casa de Nelly the rooms are similar to small furnished apartments, most with kitchen facilities and air conditioning (only needed Jan - March). There are two, two bedroom apartments, a few single bed and a couple double bed apartments. The house is within easy walking distance of several snorkel sites and beaches, the interpretation center and a series of trails that crisscross "Las Tierjetes" frigate bird hill where guests so inclined often jog
  • Casa de Marita, located right on the beach in the small town of Puerto Villamil, Isabela, Galapagos, is run by the very capable owner Marita Valverde. She personally oversees an excellent staff. The restaurant serves the finest meals on Isabela and the bar is a "pour your own and make a note" affair, perfectly suited to the relaxed, down home atmosphere of the hotel and the island. This is the hotel where most of our visitors with Come to Galapagos stay when on Isabela

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars).


"I am not usually one to write trip reviews, but this trip was so well planned and executed by Rick Schleicher and his wife Bere, who is an Ecuador native, that I feel compelled to highly recommend them."

"Now that a few months have passed since August, this is a good time to look back on what a wonderful time we had during our visit to San Cristóbal. Our stay on San Cristóbal was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As our children, Seth and Molly, grow older and eventually leave the nest, I have no doubt that our time in Galápagos will stand out among memories of our family’s time together."

"My time on San Cristobal and in Casa Nuestra was, without doubt, the happiest of my life. The opportunity to spend time on the islands with the people who live there and have made the enchanted islands their home is incredibly powerful. It opens up the Galapagos to you in a way few tourists get to see. It is an incredibly open and wonderful community. Casa Nuestra especially so. I have so many amazing memories from my time there. In addition, walking to the store past lounging sea-lions and nesting boobies makes the average day extraordinary on San Cristobal. The Galapagos are truly magical and spending time on the islands is the only way to really experience that magic."