La Terrazza Apartment in Santa Caterina Dello Ionio Marina Italy
La Terrazza Apartment Santa Caterina Ionio Marina Calabria Southern Italy Lodgings Accommodations

Host: Josie Severino

Guestrooms: 4

Address: La Cuttura 28, Santa Caterina dello Ionio (CZ) Calabria, Italy

Telephone: +61 419 488 865

Activities/Attractions: Calabria is a fascinating fusion of hundreds of miles of wonderful coastline with hinterland mountains, as the imposing Pollino chain in the North, the Sila forested plateau in the center and the Serre and Aspromonte chains in the South.

Offering superb value for your euros, a little holiday money in Calabria can go a long way. And with coastline on three sides, curving round to meet the Ionian Sea on the south-eastern coast of Italy, Calabria has mile upon mile of sandy beaches, rocky coves, spectacular headlands ... and space.

Calabria is also a region of remarkable beauty, with a long history dating back to its role at the heart of Magna Graecia (Greater Greece) in Classical antiquity; indeed far earlier than that. Explore its valleys on your Calabria vacation and you discover a culture apparently untouched by recent centuries.

  • If you're in Calabria, you shouldn't miss the chance to admire the fantastic collection of Greek and Roman sculptures and artefacts in the museum at Reggio di Calabria
  • The most appealing resort in the area is Tropea, a Baroque seaside town with good views
  • Scilla is another interesting seaside resort
  • Cosenza offers the final resting place of Alaric the Goth, a castle, a Gothic cathedral and some Byzantine religious art
  • Hikers and lovers of the outdoors will be less interested in the beaches and more interested in the region's national parks
  • The Sila is a high-level plain with lakes, rolling hills and woodland
  • The Aspromonte is like a rocky backbone to the region

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General Information: Welcome to La Terrazza Apartment in the village of Santa Caterina Dello Ionio Marina, Italy on the shores of the Ionian Sea overlooking the Gulf of Squillace. Santa Caterina Dello Ionio Marina is bordered by eight kilometers of sandy beaches and crystal clear water, while the ancient village of Santa Caterina Ionio Superior is located approximately 600 meters above sea level and is surrounded by olive plantations and vineyards.

The inhabitants of Santa Caterina Dello Ionio reflect the warm and friendly Mediterranean hospitality. People are polite and are used to welcoming visitors from all over the world on a year-round basis, especially during the summer time. The village itself provides all the necessary facilities and services for modern-day living and a train and bus service that provides direct transportation to the airport, to Rome, and to other major Italian cities.

  • The apartment occupies the entire top floor of a three storey building
  • With 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it’s the ideal spot for your Mediterranean holiday
  • It comfortably accommodates a family or group of 4 to 8 people
  • The apartment is fully furnished and comprehensively fitted out to fulfill all of your holiday needs
  • It has air-conditioning and heating
  • There are great restaurants to try, and the local markets are simply magical
  • Take advantage of the wonderful fresh local fish and produce, accompanied by local wines in the comfort of your own home
  • The apartment includes outdoor entertaining on the expansive terrace with seating for 8 people
  • And a state-of-the-art BBQ
  • As well as a full eat-in kitchen
  • And a dining room

Payment Accepted: Wire Transfers.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).

€200/Security Deposit

Final cleaning included in rates.

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