Estancia Peuma Hue Ecotourism Lodge in Northern Patagonia Argentina
Estancia Peuma Hue Ecotourism Lodge Bariloche Northern Patagonia Argentina Retreat Lodgings Accommodations

Host: Evelyn Hoter

Guestrooms: 12

Address: Ruta 40 - Km. 2014, Cabecera Sur Lago Gutiérrez, Bariloche, Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Río Negro, Argentina

Telephone: +54-9-2944 501030/504856

Fax: +54-2944 457349

Activities/Attractions: Peuma Hue lies at the foot of south Mt. Catedral, at the southern end of Gutiérrez Lake; with pristine forests, creeks, waterfalls and lake. This allows us a privileged location for all types of outdoor activities and superb views over mountains, lake and valley.

You can ride on horseback, bike, hike and climb within 500 acres of the property, through wonderful mountain trails (that also link to the Park trail network); ideal grounds for birdwatching as well. You can paddle in duckies (inflatable kayaks), sail on our dinghy or fly fish at the lake. Our horses are excellent and a guide takes you to different riding trail options. As for hiking trails, many options lead to different waterfalls and scenic points.

We also offer a ropes course with 4 events: a Tibetan bridge, a high beam crossing, a 70 meter rope for a Tyrolean crossing and a 30 meter wall for abseiling. This ropes course is an optional activity assisted by professional mountain guides. As an option, we offer massages, concerts at our non-denominational Temple, wine tasting, nature walks, birdwatching, fly fishing day tours, tango lessons and different kinds of Workshops such as Personal Development in Nature, Yoga or Tai Chi.

We can also arrange tours and activities in the area such as whitewater rafting and kayaking, multi-day trekking and riding tours, paragliding, climbing, birdwatching or scenic tours visiting neighbor National Parks, key spots and towns in the area. All the Lake District is just superbly beautiful, linking 5 National Parks.

During the winter season we combine outdoor activities such as horseback riding or hiking to frozen waterfalls with superb alpine skiing at the Catedral Ski resort.

"Well Evelyn and your fantastic staff ... What can we say? We arrived 7th November, wind, rain and later snow. Jude and I thought what are we doing here at Peuma Hue?! The next morning we knew why this is called the “Place of Dreams”. The weather had changed and we were catered for by the wonderful staff here at Peuma Hue. Everything has been wonderful! Food, horse riding, fishing. This is not a place of dreams, it must be heaven. Thank you all and we will be back!"

"An experience I had with my ten year old son yesterday sums our collective feelings of this spiritually moving place. As he and I walked across the lawn from the lake in the late afternoon, we looked to the spire rocks above and he said to me, “this feels like Heaven….. I hope Heaven is this nice….”. We feel blessed to have experienced such a pristine world of the cleanest air, purest water and fantastic unspoiled vistas. You all are wonderful stewards to some of the last places on earth that have not suffered from the ever dangerous behaviors of man. Thank you for sharing, thank you for embracing our children's infinite wonder at a place so beautiful, and thank you for your generous and truly genuine warm welcome. It is our dream to return to share another brisk night, moonlight glowing in the stream, the lake and illuminating the fields of snow high above. Simple magic on earth. Thanks so much."

"My, oh my. Where to start? Though our stay was limited to two nights, I can honestly say that I have never felt so at home while traveling abroad. From the moment that the sweet and gracious Evelyn greeted us we knew we were in for something far from the ordinary. I can’t imagine anywhere in the world that can offer such a perfect union of activity & relaxation. Please keep doing what you’re doing and always remain a destination that is “hard to define”. Peace, love and happiness."

"We had an amazing time! The scenery, the animals, the people, the activities, the accommodations, the food, the wine - everything was perfect and exceeded our expectations. I love the animals and how they roam freely on the property. Highlights included the Cathedral trek to Frey, the river rafting, the food / wine, playing poker with the Smiths, Paul & Claire, the Swedish family; the escorts from Alpha, etc. Evelyn & staff, thank you for creating such a wonderful place & experience. I hope to return!"

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"Our family has really appreciated all activities in the fields (riding), in the heights (trekking and climbing), in the lake (kayaking and swimming), on the bench (massage) and the Yoga! Thank you for sharing your daily life with us - including the contact with your 4-legged friends. Next generation (Oliver 4 ½ and Moritz 1 ½) got a very good impression of what life is all about at its best - a very good start in life!"

"When we flew to Bariloche I didn't know we were going to land in Heaven. This place is amazing. We love everything here. We really enjoyed all our activities, from daily horse riding to fly fishing, sailing on a ducky, the ropes course, Yoga and the well deserved massages. This is an unforgettable place. We'll be back."

"Patagonia and Peuma Hue seem light years away from where I live in the Far East in Hong Kong and Malaysia. But the special spirit of this place of dreams: protected by your own sacred mountain, energized by your own special waters and beloved by the extraordinary care and attention given by Evelyn, Sophie, Marcelo, Caroline and all the staff - has traversed thousands of miles of distance, time and space for me. I know I will return to walk up D'Agostini mountain to drink its wonderful glacial spring waters, I know I will return to feel the energy of the Coihue trees and Peuma Hue itself and I know I will return to hear the heartbreaking squeal of your Patagonia winds! Many, Many thanks Evelyn for sharing Peuma Hue with us!"

General Information: Welcome to Estancia Peuma Hue Ecotourism Lodge in the northern Patagonia region of Argentina. We are a small family operation, still quite undiscovered after our 4th season open to the public. We host our guests with a very personal touch and make them feel at home ... we consider our magical place one of the most beautiful spots in Patagonia to visit.

Our huge advantage is our location, just 35 minutes from the Bariloche International Airport, we are at the foot of South Catedral Mountain, with 2 miles of lakeshore, pristine forests, waterfalls, all within our property allowing all kinds of activities with no need for transfers. We combine the striking beauty of our National Park, close contact with nature, deluxe accommodations, the experience of being at home in our houses and log cabins, all types of outdoor activities, exquisite home-made, healthy, balanced organic meals, and an exclusive service with a personal touch that allows our guests to live through unforgettable experiences.

  • Our mountain ranch & lodge in Patagonia, blends in a single place a little of all that Patagonia has to offer
  • Luxury accommodations in an amazingly beautiful environment with all types of outdoor activities at hand
  • Personalized service and exquisite gourmet meals
  • Trekking, guided horseback riding, paddling, climbing, fly fishing, dinghy, mountain ropes, live concerts at our non-denominational Temple, massage, wine tasting, nature walks and much more
  • An unforgettable experience, just 20 minutes from downtown Bariloche (gateway to the North Patagonia Andes), 35 minutes from an international airport, 35 minutes from the ski resort and 2 hours flight from Buenos Aires
  • We have a capacity for 30 beds in 12 suites with view of the lake, distributed in 2 houses and 2 log cabins
  • All our rooms are decorated in an elegant rustic style, with superb views wherever you are
  • Our boardroom offers a spacious place to discuss your agendas and has internet facilities
  • Wi-fi service is available in most of the areas in the park and inside most buildings
  • Our vegetable garden provides the basis for our healthy and gourmet meals
  • Our Full Board rate includes lodging in double rooms in suite with view to the lake, 4 meals per day including good wine and activities within the property (guided horseback riding, trekking, paddling in kayaks, dinghy)
  • Our B&B rate includes lodging and buffet breakfast. The rest of services would then be optional

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars).

From $150/person/night

"There is eco-tourism and eco-tourism. Peuma Hue is eco-tourism with class, with elegance, with refinement. The attention to detail, the perfect scenery, the peace and quiet, the freedom and joy of the rabbits, the puppies and the horses, the friendliness of the staff and the extremely delicious food (which I unsuccessfully tried to stop eating when my jeans started shrinking) make this place a piece of Heaven. We’ve been looking for it for many years. Who would have thought that our place of dreams was somewhere down in Argentina?"

"I don’t want to go! Already planned when I’m coming back and I can’t wait. I was supposedly working while here, running a Yoga retreat, but I feel like I’ve been on vacation with old friends. Never have I brought a group to do a workshop or retreat to a place where I felt so supported or with such a shared vision of the experience I would like for my students to have. Every wish was granted, half of the time before it was even spoken. From Evelyn the owner to Samuel the gardener and everyone in between  (whom I’m too scared to name for fear of forgetting someone special! ) you truly went above and beyond and could not have been more accommodating or warmer. Bobby, you hold a special place in my heart, you funny-looking mutt."

"In this place of incredible natural beauty you have managed to create something awe-inspiring. For perfect strangers from around the world to make lasting connections over canapés and Scrabble is very rare. At first I thought it was the side-effect of the (delicious) wine, but it soon became clear that the warmth exuded by the hosts – the way you treat guests like family members – melts cynicism within hours of arrival. And of course the rainbows, kittens, waterfalls and foal don’t hurt. Thank you! I hope to be back soon."