Kidafell Farm Guesthouse near Reykjavik Iceland
Kidafell Farm Guesthouse Hvalfjordur Reykjavik Western Iceland Guest House Bed and Breakfast B&B Lodgings Accommodations

Host: Gudbjorg Thorvardardottir

Guestrooms: 4

Address: Kidafell Guesthouse, Kidafell, Kjos, Reykjavik, 270 Iceland

Telephone: (354) 566-6096

Activities/Attractions: Despite its name, the Republic of Iceland is far from icy for much of the year and although the summer months could hardly be described as hot, they are mild, pleasant and often sunny, being warmed by the adjacent North Atlantic Current. Iceland is filled with natural interest and attractions, including endless steaming springs and geysers, enormous glaciers and even a number of active volcanoes.

The beautiful Whale Bay branches into the mountainous landscapes between the points Akranes and Kjalarnes. It is about 30 km (20 miles) long, 4-5 km wide, and quite deep (84m).  The innermost part is framed with steep mountains, dropping almost straight into the sea, but further west are extended lowland areas.

Travellers here till enjoy a rather beautiful spot of Iceland, the innermost part of the fjord shows an interesting mixture of volcanic mountains and green vegetation in summertime. Lupins can be seen along with different sorts of other flowers and moss, as well as small forests of birch wood and conifers. The area displays a good example of the planting of forests, a project that has been going on in Iceland for some years. A hiking trail to the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur, has its origin at the innermost end of the fjord. Nearby the Farmhouse you can enjoy:

  • geothermic swimming pool at Grundahverfi - 10 km
  • golf course at -12 km and 30 km
  • fishing at - 12 km
  • boat hire at - 12 km
  • petrol and small grocery at Grundahverfi - 10 km
  • supermarkets, bakery, off-licence at Mosfellbaer - 24 km
  • bird watching

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Kidafell Farmhouse Accommodation

Kidafell Farmhouse Accommodation Dining

Kidafell Farmhouse Accommodation Bedroom

Kidafell Farmhouse Accommodation Queen

Kidafell Farmhouse Accommodation Fireplace

General Information: Welcome to Kidafell Farmhouse Accommodation in Hvalfjordur, Iceland ... a guesthouse open year round with horse rides available from June to September. The name Hvalfjordur is derived from the large number of whales which could be found there. The farm is 38 Km/24 miles from the capital city of Reykjavik. Whether you are in Iceland on holiday or on an overnight stopover, we would be very pleased to welcome you to Kidafell.

Services include bed and breakfast, sleeping bag accommodation with or without breakfast and prepared dinners for guest. We can collect guests from the #47 road turn off, from Grundarhverfi and from Reykjavik. Please telephone ahead of time to arrange.

  • Kidafell Farm Guesthouse is situated on the southern shore of Hvalfjordur Fjord, in the district of Kjs
  • The house can accommodate up to 8 guests
  • With two double rooms and two twin rooms
  • As well as a bathroom and guest sitting-room
  • Guests are most welcome to relax in the garden, or enjoy the last rays of the day on the terrace at the front of the house

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Iceland Krona).

KR 3,300-8,500/night