Ryad Mabrouka Guesthouse in Fez (Fes) Morocco
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Hosts: Pierre-Marie Roux & Caroline Mermet

Guestrooms: 8

Address: Ryad Mabrouka, Derb el miter, Talaa Kbira n°25, 30110 Fes Medina, Morocco

Telephone: (212) 35 63 63 45

Fax: (212) 35 63 63 10

Activities/Attractions: Fez (Fes) was the capital of Morocco for all together more than 400 years, home of the oldest university in the country and the leading cultural and religious centre. Fez is also the oldest and largest medieval city in the world, a city that is almost unchanged through the modern ages and still most definitely alive.

Fez is a place that stimulates your senses, with haunting and beautiful sounds, infinite visual details and unfiltered odours. More than any other city in Morocco, it seems to exist suspended in time somewhere between the Middle Ages and the modern world. As with other Moroccan cities, it has a French-built Ville Nouvelle – familiar and modern in appearance and urban life – but a quarter or so of Fes' 800,000 inhabitants continue to live in the extraordinary Medina city of Fes El Bali.

The people of Fes have a reputation throughout Morocco as successful and sophisticated. Just as the city is situated at the centre of the country, so are its inhabitants placed at the heart of government, and most government ministries are headed by Fassis. What is undeniable is that they have the most developed Moroccan city culture, with an intellectual tradition, and their own cuisine, dress and way of life.

"Thanks very much for this pleasant stay there in Mabrouka, it was really incredible. We loved being there, we felt like we were real Moroccan princesses. The food was great, the people really lovely. Thanks very much."

"Our stay with you in Fes was definitely something which will stay with us for a long time - at least until our next visit! Lula and I travel a lot and we stay in all sorts of places but your Guest House really is a jewel - please pass on to all your staff our appreciation for the very efficient, friendly and attentive service they gave us! Thank you again - we will come and stay again and will certainly pass on the 'Mabrouka Secret' but only to people who will appreciate its very particular charm."

"We can't possibly thank you enough for a better introduction to Morocco. Your graciousness and attentiveness are greatly appreciated. We enjoyed exploring Fes during the day and returning the ryad in the evening as if it were our home. Looking forward to future adventures in Morocco. All our best."

"Apart from the bustle of Moroccan life, it was a pleasure to meander down the street to our oasis from "real" life. The royal was larger than most apartments but elegant beyond my dreams."

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Ryad Mabrouka Fez

Ryad Mabrouka Fez Twin

Ryad Mabrouka Fez Bedroom

Ryad Mabrouka Fez Foyer

Ryad Mabrouka Fez Terrace

Ryad Mabrouka Fez Pool

"This place was a dream come true, we want to go there again. the food and dining was dreamlike, perfect for trips to the medina and other sight seeing."

"This was the nicest and best accommodation we had during our trip. Friendly staff, excellent room and good food / wine as well. We wish you all the best. If we come again to Morocco we would certainly come again."

General Information: Welcome to Ryad Mabrouka Fez ... your Guesthouse in Fez, Morocco with a panoramic view over the medina. Since its opening, Ryad Mabrouka, one of the first riads converted into a guesthouse in Fez, has received thousands of clients from around the world who have been our best ambassadors.

Located in the heart of the ancient "Médina" in Fez, one of the most fascinating medieval walled cities of the Arab world, Ryad Mabrouka welcomes you in an authentic and traditional Arabo-Andalousian setting. This luxurious guest house, meticulously and faithfully renovated according to the local traditions - both in its architecture and decor- offers you a haven of comfort and tranquility from the flurry of activities of life in the "Médina". Our warm and professional staff will do its best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and let you feel the true Moroccan hospitality.

  • Ryad Mabrouka offers 6 suites and 2 rooms
  • All our rooms have been restored in true Moroccan style with colorful "zelliges" (mosaics), sculpted plaster work, and richly decorated cedar wood ceilings
  • All rooms are spaciously air-conditioned
  • With their own private bathroom facilities
  • Available with a queen size bed or twin beds
  • Each room is unique in its decor, associating the charm of the traditional Moroccan architecture with family heirloom furnishings of different French styles
  • The riad also offers a Mediterranean Garden with roses, citrus trees and a babbling fountain
  • With an inviting swimming pool
  • A rooftop terrace will delight you with a panoramic view of the "Médina" and the neighboring countryside

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros are approximate).


Breakfast is included.

"What a stunning oasis ! Exceeded our expectations in every way. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, tranquil garden, warm staff and delicious food! Thanks for making our stay in Fes so memorable."

"Very enjoyable stay - the rooms were wonderful, the staff were very helpful and the all place was very relaxing. I think my dad wants to live here. Thank you very much."

"Comfort and style superbly executed and maintained, a warm welcome from all staff even at 4 am! Well done to all involved for a memorable stay. Delicious food and wine. Will tell our friends to stay here."