Privates Bed and Breakfast in Munich Germany
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Contact: Andreas & Peter Kurz

Accommodations: 14 flats, apartments and guestrooms.

Office Address: Privates Bed & Breakfast, Senserstr. 18, D-81371 München, Germany

Telephone: 089 74372847

Activities/Attractions: Munich, Germany is often described as a "world city with a heart", or even better as a "world village". The incomparable charm of Munich lies in its small town flair though being a world class city. Munich is one of Germany's most exciting cities and is packed with sightseeing opportunities, museums, shopping, restaurants, beer halls, and other attractions for tourists.

Munich is the Capital of the state of Bavaria and lies near the foot of the German Alps. It is Germany's second most popular destination after Berlin, and has something to offer to everyone.

  • One of Europe's most visited cities
  • Munich is full of monuments and fabulous museums
  • A place with memories of yesterday, but very much a city living in its present
  • It has 1.3 million inhabitants, 16% of whom are foreigners
  • Munich is the third largest city in Germany
  • It is also the German's first choice as a place to live, according to various polls
  • A city of art and culture
  • Germany's largest university town
  • Munich is a place to have fun and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, the friendly ambience, and the wealth of activities, nightlife, sights, and events
  • Here you'll find an elegant and tasteful city
  • With sophisticated clubs and restaurants
  • Wonderful theaters
  • The finest concert halls

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General Information: Welcome to Privates Bed and Breakfast ... offering you accommodations in guestrooms or apartments of our friends in Munich, Germany. We offer flats/apartments and guest rooms in our inventory of lodgings.

Our prices starts at 32 Euros for 1 person or 43 Euros for 2 persons. Guestrooms are cheaper (you have to share the bathroom with the host), apartments with a small kitchen and your own bath are more expensive. The prices for a apartment starts at 52 Euro for  2 persons.

  • We have several flats with 2 sleeping rooms - you always have your own kitchen and bath
  • We have several apartments - you always have your own kitchen and bath
  • We offers several guestrooms with breakfast and shared bath
  • Our guestrooms offer breakfast rolls or bread and coffee and/or tea
  • You always get new bed linen and towels
  • You will receive a front door key for your accommodation
  • Many offer TV/DVD
  • Most of the accommodations are close to the city center - very convenient for Oktoberfest
  • Children are welcome
  • There are special prices during Oktoberfest and other special events/fairs
  • Check out times are all 12 noon

Payment Accepted: Cash, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).

€32-90/night (Guestrooms)
€52-100/night (Apartments)