Casa Mora B&B in Malinalco Mexico
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Host: Raul Mora

Guestrooms: 5 suites

Address: Calle de la Cruz #18, Barrio de Santa Maria, Malinalco, México 52440

Telephone/Fax: 52.714.147.0572

Activities/Attractions: The word Malinalco comes from the Nahuatl tongue and means "the place where the Malinalli flower is worshiped". Set in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and luscious vegetation, it is located 87 kms (54 miles) Southwest of Mexico City. The average temperature is 21° C (76° F) with mostly sunny days, and during the summer rainy nights.

Brightly painted old houses and cobble-stoned streets; donkeys carrying burdens through town; and horses are still a common form of transport. There is a small market downtown which on Wednesdays becomes quite large, as people from surrounding areas come sell their products and sometimes trade for other goods.

The community is very festive and most festivities are religious, mainly with saints and virgins that they hold dear in the different "barrios" (areas of town). Music, fairs, fireworks, food and beverages are basic ingredients to this as well as flowers.

Although each has its own charm, the most spectacular festivity is on August 6th, where the entire town is indulged into thanking and celebrating their Patron Saint, the Divine Saviour. If you are lucky enough to be here many activities happen on that day.

Malinalco is slowly awakening. Little restaurants, cafes and galleries spring up now and then to add to its already rich life. Mostly people who have fled Mexico City and have established themselves here in search of peace and quiet. The result so far has been wonderful and delicious.

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Casa Mora Bed & Breakfast

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General Information: Welcome to Casa Mora Bed & Breakfast ... located in the charming historical town of Malinalco, Mexico - an exclusive, elegant, yet relaxed and cozy paradise that will take your breath away. At Casa Mora we understand that the little free time you have in the course of today's life is precious. Therefore our main goal is to make your stay with us as relaxing and pleasurable as possible.

The host is Raul Mora, a world-known artist that uses this paradise to paint - inspired by the magical energy of Malinalco and all it offers. Casa Mora is a very exclusive bed & breakfast that offers the comfort and service that makes a holiday a true delight. Guests at Casa Mora often enjoy his wit and charm spending a morning watching Raul at work.

  • The suites are delightfully and discretely decorated with antiques
  • Each suite has a different view of the luscious gardens that surround the house
  • As well as access to the central patio
  • A spacious walk-in closet and bathroom make the suites even more comfortable
  • High ceilings and double thick walls ensure an agreeable temperature as well as privacy
  • Each room has three hammocks that can be hung for a delicious Mexican siesta
  • We provide a coffee maker in every suite with everything needed to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea anytime you feel like it, within you intimate space
  • In the living room you can enjoy watching TV, playing games with friends or family at the game table, or just simply chat or read like in the comfort of your own home
  • There are areas to sit and talk, have a drink or just enjoy the relaxing ambiance are all over Casa Mora
  • The central patio provides spaces with a different view and feeling
  • The palapa by the pool is a favorite, as it not only has a wonderful view to the gorgeous garden but also of the surrounding mountains that protect our beloved Malinalco
  • Sunsets are special from the pool that is heated with solar panels and on sunny days will keep the pool very warm for the cool evenings

Payment Accepted: Master Card, Visa, Cash or Bank Transfer.

Rates: (Prices quoted in US Dollars).


A complete breakfast and all taxes included.

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