Muri Beach Hideaway in Rarotonga Cook Islands
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Host: Pauline Macfarlane

Guestrooms: 7 Bungalows

Address: Muri Beach Hideaway, P.O. Box 3092, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Telephone: (682) 29005

Fax: (682) 29005

Activities/Attractions: The Cook Islands are a net of 15 islands in the heart of the South Pacific spread over an area the size of India with a population no bigger than a small New Zealand country town, 16,000 souls. These unique and friendly Polynesians have their own language and government and enjoy a vigorous and diverse culture with significant differences between each island.

Despite some 90,000 visitors a year to the capital island Rarotonga, the Cooks are largely unspoiled by tourism. They offer a rare opportunity for people from the cities of the world to experience a different type of vacation. There are no high-rise hotels, only four beach buggies and very little hype. Ideal for travellers seeking more than the usual clichés associated with the South Seas, each island has its unique qualities and offers the visitor a special experience.

Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is a place where gentle sea breezes drift through wide open doors, the murmur of the lagoon's crystal clear waters ruffle the soft white sand and curving palm trees provide dappled sunlight on your personal piece of beach. Its circular shape is dominated by high mountain peaks from which lush rain forests cascade to a palm-fringed shore. The island is almost completely encircled by a reef, which harbors a lagoon of clear turquoise waters and many inviting white sand beaches. Beyond the reef, the indigo blue of the ocean provides a vivid contrast and a bountiful supply of fish.

Imagine getting married on a palm fringed beach next to a crystal clear lagoon, with the sound of turquoise waters lapping onto the sandy white beach while you walk along. The Cook Islands has everything you've dreamed of and more.

"The Muri Beach Hideaway is a lovely, well-maintained establishment, especially for the kind of getaway where you want lots of solitude and time to quietly sit on your porch or swing on a hammock, looking at the beach. All units are self-catering, with shiny wood floors and A-frame ceilings ... Pauline, the proprietor of Muri Beach Hideaway, is what truly made the place a pleasure. She couldn't be more hospitable and accommodating. I'd originally booked just 3 nights and ended up staying a whole week ... Upon my departure, I had a flight scheduled at 4 am in the morning. I checked out the day before, and Pauline actually let me sleep in her bungalow that last night - while she stayed over at a friend's - and arranged for a cab to come and collect me at 2 am. All this at no charge. You couldn't possibly get this level of service at the larger hotels on island."

"The owner - Pauline - is a wonderful lady, as is her daughter, Theresa. They, along with George and Mary, helped make our stay a wonderful one. Airport transfers were arranged, without any problem. As with previous guests, we were invited to an "umu" (pronounced oomoo), that Pauline and Theresa prepared. Included were such traditional foods as marinated "raw fish", breadfruit, taro, flying fish, lamb and more! Fantastic stuff ... For the record, we had the "absolute beachfront unit". It was a dream come true! If you're into a romantic, South Seas setting, this would be it. The lush, exotic gardens and landscaping are entirely the handiwork of Pauline - with some real labour provided by her staff, of course. You'll have to see it to believe it."

"What a wonderful place to find, and what a wonderful host we had in Pauline. We just wish people would not keep writing such good reviews , as we would like to keep this place a secret."

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General Information: Welcome to Muri Beach Hideaway ... where we have five individually styled luxury bungalows (Polynesian style) located on the beachfront and set in personally landscaped gardens, on the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Our Bungalows are situated right on the famous Muri Beach on the southeastern side of the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands- just 10kms (6 miles) from the town of Avarua. Our location is ideal as we are on the beach and within easy walking distance to shops and a wide range of water activities and some of Rarotonga's most recommended restaurants. Features and amenities include:

  • Each of our bungalows has a private balcony with natural inviting decor
  • There is a separate bathroom, toilet, shower
  • A fully self-contained kitchen
  • Sleeping is in a common area with the lounge and dining area
  • Bedding is split King size beds
  • Each balcony has outdoor furniture for dining
  • We can also offer you the option of two beautiful luxury hillside family units overlooking Muri lagoon, each with two bedrooms and private deck and full facilities
  • Colour TV, Radio Alarm Clock
  • Hair dryers
  • Telephone (with individual number)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Barbeque available
  • Kayaks, Snorkelling Gear
  • Hammocks

We at Muri Beach Hideaway are offering clients these choices of lovely Cottages. Uniquely placed on the beautiful shoves of Rarotonga.

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard.

Rates: (Prices quoted in NZ Dollars).


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"The Muri Beach Hideaway is a delightful place and Pauline goes out of her way to make your stay enjoyable. She even hosted a BBQ cookout one night for all the guests. The property is small and intimate with three bungalows that face Muri Beach and two more that face the mountains. There is a small pool right off the beach. The bungalows seem like they are relatively new and are in wonderful condition. We found the quality, appearance and appointments of the bungalows were on par with some overwater bungalows we have stayed in in Tahiti. The property is also close to a couple popular restaurants. There is a common-area washer/dryer available for all the bungalows. There were 3 or 4 kayaks available for use by the guests. The bathroom was very well appointed and included a hair dryer. I would advise taking small bars of soap and small travel size shampoo bottles since these items are not provided. All in all we loved our stay at Muri Beach Hideaway and would return without hesitation."

"Muri Beach Hideaway was superb. Pauline, the manager/owner, was very pleasant and happy to help with all of our enquiries. The best thing about Muri Beach Hideaway for me were the fantastic gardens. Pauline has a very green thumb and the place has the best planned and most beautifully chosen tropical garden layout of any on the island. From the moment you cross the Monet style bridge over the stream filled with purple, pink and blue water lilies to the placement of the coconut palms the whole effect is one of lush growth contained in fantastic colour combinations. The place was fantastic and far better than the resort. The ability to take advantage of the fresh produce of the island and cook for yourself is fantastic."