Casa do Terreiro do Poço in Borba Portugal
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Host: João Cavaleiro Ferreira

Accommodations: 10

Address: Largo dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra 12, 7150-152 Borba, Portugal

Telephone: +351 91 725 60 77

Activities/Attractions: Borba is a village in the Alentejo area of Portugal, with charter since 1302, known for its excellent wines and the beauty of its marble. With an enviable microclimate, right next to the Serra d'Ossa, it is a place of hospitable people, ready to offer a dram of its good wine, often accompanied by tasty sausages made of the meat of black pig still fed on acorns.

It's a village with a tradition of antique, bric-a-brac and furniture handlers. With a rich architectural heritage, it's famous for the sculptured marble fronts of churches, palaces and manor houses. To walk the narrow streets and look at the white chimneys against the blue of the sky , is a lasting image. The lush woodland of the Quinta do Bosque and the beautiful gardens of the Quinta do General are true heavens. Be sure to visit:

  • Ruins of the Castle
  • Church of Nossa Senhora das Neves (15th century)
  • Church of Nossa Senhora das Neves (15th century)
  • Church of the Convent of Servas de Deus (17th and 18th centuries)
  • Large stone Cross and Church of S. Bartolomeu (17th century)
  • Church of Santo António (17th century)
  • Town Hall (17th century)
  • Church of Misericórdia (16th-18th century)
  • Via-Crucis (18th century)
  • Fountain of Bicas (18th century)
  • Convent of Nossa Senhora da Consolação do Bosque (16 to 18th century)
  • Quinta (Estate) do General (16th-18th century)

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Casa do Terreiro do Poço

Casa do Terreiro do Poço Pool

Casa do Terreiro do Poço Living Room

Casa do Terreiro do Poço Bedroom

Casa do Terreiro do Poço Suite

Casa do Terreiro do Poço Cottage

General Information: Welcome to Casa do Terreiro do Poço ... located next to a public garden, which itself is bordered by the well known road of antiquities where you can also find the sixteenth century church of São Bartolomeu and some of the most beautiful manor-houses of Borba, Portugal. The House is classified as a cultural heritage building, composed of three main buildings linked by balconies and stairs. In addition to the three buildings in the main façade, there are two houses next to the back street and a pavilion next to the swimming pool.

Stop the stress and spend some days in a peaceful village of the Alentejo. Stay in a house where comfort, good taste and hospitality are awaiting you. Guests can use a vast variety of areas to relax and enjoy, besides the private ones of their rooms and suites. There are rooms painted in indigo blue, pale green and yellow ochre, all the floors are of grey/rusty slate and the antique wooden polished doors with period fittings. The guesthouse contains eight rooms, all with private bathrooms, some with sitting rooms, veranda or private terrace. Accommodations include:

  • Quarto da Varanda – on the ground floor, with exit to the garden and a private vaulted veranda
  • Quarto do Pátio – on the first floor with a private patio
  • Apartamento da Torre – on the second floor with walls overwhelmed with frescos and a private tower
  • Casa dos Bambus and Casa da Palmeira are next to the back street, situated near the swimming pool. With an entrance from the garden, they have an antechamber equipped with refrigerator, coffee and tea machines, microwave ovens and sinks
  • Casas do Jardim are two-floor houses with their own entrances from the public garden, form the centre piece of the main façade. On the ground floor there is a living room with kitchenette, equipped with two electrical burners, hub, dish washer and refrigerator, where the guest can make a simple meal
  • Suite Real consists of a grand living, the windows overlooking the garden, and a sleeping room with en suite bathroom. Both, the sitting and sleeping room, have high ceilings with arches and showing wood
  • Casa da Maria Comprida (3 bedroom, 18th century cottage) and Casa do Terraço (4 bedrooms), just recently opened

Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).

€250-300/night (Casa da Maria Comprida)
€250-350/night (Casa do Terraç

Breakfast and VAT are included.

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