Casa das Videiras/Villa Echium in Madeira Islands Portugal
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Host: Johnny Bjelkaroy

Accommodations: 2 houses with 7 bedrooms.

Address 1: Sítio da Serra D'Água, 9270 Seixal, Porto Moniz, Portugal (Casa das Videiras)

Address 2: Rua Tristão Vaz Teixeira, Nº 150 Garajau, 9125 Caniço, Madeira, Portugal (Villa Echium)

Telephone: +351 965522727

Activities/Attractions: In Madeira, everything seems to work together to make a wide range of activities possible. From the sea to the mountains, there are a myriad of possibilities.

You can dive around these enchanted islands, where the clarity of the sea matches that of the air you breathe, walk on paths worn by man at a time when there were hardly any roads, whenever people wanted a short cut, or on the levadas hacked out by people of olden times from the rocks and mountain slopes, allowing them to carry water where it was in short supply.

When you walk this land, taking in artist artistry, not only do you witness incomparable landscapes at every step, but you also tread the pages of history written by the dauntless Madeirans of old who, with daring and determination, forged links where Nature had neglected to do so.

While Madeira provides innumerable activities to be enjoyed in the open air, you have the added bonus of being able to do so close to the towns, while still being able to walk great distances without encountering the more densely populated areas.

There is really no better testament to all of this than the feeling of contentment experienced by all who have the chance to travel to these magical islands and encounter Nature in this way. Nobody is untouched by it, that’s for sure.

"The most beautiful manor-home or "Bed & Breakfast" lodging on the North Coast of the island of Madeira".

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Casa das Videiras
Casa das Videiras

Casa das Videiras Bedroom

Casa das Videiras Dining

Villa Echium
Villa Echium

Villa Echium Relax

Villa Echium Bedroom

General Information: Welcome to Casa das Videiras - located in Seixal, in the north of the Island of Madeira and Villa Echium - in the southern Caniço of Portugal. Across an endless sea, blessed by translucent waters and mild temperatures, stands a unique island, moulded by nature - the island of Madeira. Here you’ll find two wonderful houses to spend your holidays amongst the favours of nature and exquisite tradition.

Casa das Videiras is a rustic house - restored and completely modernised. Built in the 19th century, in 1867, the house is one of the oldest in the region, and is still reminiscent of those exciting times, in spite of the damage inflicted on it by time. Features include:

  • three double rooms with private bathrooms
  • all the modern conveniences to be expected from a tourist haven such as this
  • a separate suite also with a private bathroom
  • all rooms are equipped with a safe and a telephone
  • if required, a child’s bed or cot can be set up
  • a spacious sitting and dining room, magnificently decorated, with alcoves and elegant furniture
  • a well-equipped kitchen which can be used by any guests wishing to prepare something for themselves
  • reception area next to the entrance which is reached by a traditional Madeiran staircase
  • leisure area includes the sitting room, dining room, television room – with satellite reception, a hi-fi system

Villa Echium is a house built in an elegant area, surrounded by luxurious gardens around forty years ago and designed by the famous architect van Velden. Restored by the present owner, it was designed with a view to being divided into two separate apartments. Features include:

  • two bedrooms suitable for four persons
  • two bathrooms
  • a sitting room, a dining room
  • a balcony
  • a modern, well-equipped kitchen
  • decorated in a rather classical style, with Portuguese and Nordic elements
  • a wide terrace with a view over the garden and the sea
  • a passageway links the terrace to the lower floor at the level of the large garden
  • the second apartment has one bedroom, a dressing room with space for an extra bed, a bathroom, sitting room and modern kitchen which doubles as a dining room
  • suitable for three persons and is decorated in a contemporary style

Payment Accepted: Cash and traveller's cheques.

Rates: (Prices quoted in Euros).

€30-50/night/with breakfast (Casa das Videiras)
€70-80/night (Villa Echium)

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